Dynamic Processors

Stereo Compressor Limiter
CLP160 is a cost-effective dynamics processor. It provides two independent full-featured compressor/limiters in one rack space while offering excellent sonic quality for any application from studio recording to live sound or broadcast. The Compressor function is based on evaluation of an input signal calculating its RMS value in a time frame of 50ms. The True RMS level detection provides the most natural-sounding dynamics processing available allowing the compressor to maintain a constant RMS output level even with input sources with different harmonic content.

The CLP160 offers Ratio, Hard/Soft Knee controls to customize its compression response for even the toughest signals. The Ratio allows the user to control the proportion by which signal exceeding the threshold will be reduced. It is based on a precise Look UP Table Log computation process with 0.1 dBu resolution step. Hard Knee compression reduces gain abruptly on any signal exceeding the threshold. Soft knee compression introduces gain reduction gradually on signals approaching the threshold, and progressively, up to the ratio set by the user, as they exceed it.

In addition the CLP160 features a powerful sub harmonics synthesizer allows the sound to be enhanced by generating a copy of the signals in their bass range, typically around 65Hz, but shifted an octave lower. With intuitive control layout and bright LED meters that display and input/output levels per channel, the CLP160 ensures constant visual feedback.
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