Dynamic Processors

Professional Multi-Band Compressor Limiter
The CLP2600 is a Professional Multi Band Compressor/Limiter performing a compression process on 3 different bands offering excellent sonic quality for any application from studio recording to live sound or broadcast. It is a powerful dynamic processor that offers sampling rates up to 48kHz, with a 24-bit digital signal path, that can be used in dual channel, stereo or mono mode.

The CLP2600 has been carefully designed to improve the overall signal dynamic performance with the 3 RMS compressors per channel in addition to the Peak Limiter function to minimize dangerous signal peaks. The True RMS level detection per each of 3 bands, provides the most natural-sounding dynamics processing available, allowing the Compression processes to avoid the overhead or attenuation effects around the bands limit frequencies, thanks to different ratio, threshold or time-constant settings in the three frequency bands.

The CLP2600 also includes Gain, Phase Control, Delay, Noise Gate, AGC and 5-band parametric EQ per input channel, offering unprecedented control and making the CLP2600 the most versatile and useful tool to use for any application. The all Audio Processes are Marani proprietary algorithms, already well known in the PRO Audio Industry.
Finally it can be connected via USB and RS485 by using the control remote PC software setting all parameters and creating favorite presets.
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