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Professional Effects Processor
DEF220P is a digital effects processor packaged within a 19 inch rackmount 1U housing. The User interface has been carefully designed to be user friendly and consists of a central rotary encoder for navigation purposes, a potentiometer for parameter settings, with three further potentiometers to control INPUT, OUTPUT and MIX levels.

The DEF220P has a 2x20 LCD alphanumeric display for easy access and set up, as well as LED indication on CLIP, MUTE and a TAP time LED. It also can be connected via MIDI as well as USB for external control and two way movements of data. There are also rear jack connections for foot pedal control of effects BYPASS and the setting of TAP DELAY externally. In addition TAP DELAY can also be varied by a front panel switch.

The DEF-220P provides a set of 16 classic professional effects, fully editable by the user.
CLASSIC REVERBS: effects reproduce thecharacteristics of natural spaces and a classic artificial reverb as the plate.
HALL  simulates the reverberation that you can hear in big Hall. This effect is characterized by a long reverb and a considerable mount of Pre-Delay. Good for solo instruments and vocals.
ROOM  simulates the reverberation in a mid-size Room. The effect can be used for natural instruments such as piano.
PLATE  simulates the sound of a reverb plate as used in the past in studio as reverb unit. This effect is a sort of modulated reverb and is particularly suited for drums and vocals.

PARTICULAR REVERBS: comprise not natural reverb algorithms.
VOCAL REV  simulates the reverberation that you can hear in big Hall, but with the addition of small echoes suitable for better characterizing the voice.
GATED REV  simulates the reverb type cut off by a gate; this effect was typically used with snare or kick drums.

DELAYS: provided in 2 different shapes, dedicate one expressly to the Vocal use and the other one to the classic Delay use.
VOCAL ECHO  produces different echoes on the 2 output channels, with not equal delay times, so to simulate “casual” echoes spreading the and sustaining the voice differently on the 2 output channels. The effects is similar to a reverb, where the voice body is maintained dense and well defined.
DELAY  produces several echoes of the input signal, reducing their amplitude and add the result to the original signal. The FX LOAD/PAR/TAP button can be used to set the delay. Delay Time and the Led on top of the FX LOAD/PAR/TAP button will blink with the same interval of time used for tapping the FX LOAD/PAR/TAP button, matching the set tapped Delay time.

MODULATIONS: the most classic modulation used for “moving” sound shifting up and down harmonics components.
CHORUS  gives a signal more body and width, moving it in frequency, creating a nice “moving sound” making the sound itself richer.
FLANGER  it is a sort of “extension” of the Chorus, adding to this one a “retro” touch, making the “sound movement” more perceivable than with the chorus, and adding a more metallic/bright color.
PHASER  is an effect adding a “phase shifted” copy of the input signal , to the input signal itself. PHASER is a traditional guitar, electric piano and keyboard effect.
TREMOLO  is an effect modulating the input signal amplitude, changing so its “volume” increasing and decreasing it cyclically. TREMOLO is particularly suitable for electric pianos or electric organs.
ROTARY  simulates the rotating movements of a Leslie loudspeaker system. The fast rotation produces a characteristic shifting of frequencies. Traditionally, this is an effect for electronic organ. With the ROTARY effect, the BYPASS/ENTER button is used for the Stop and GO function of the Rotary, emulating the start and stop of the loudspeakers. The FX LOAD/PAR/TAP is used for toggling the Rotary Speakers' speed.

COMBINED EFFECTS: are 3 effects combining Reverb, Modulation and Delay in different shapes; the combined effects are set in parallel configuration.
CHR/FLG+REVERB  is a combination of the CHORUS/FLANGER and ROOM effects.
DELAY+REVERB  is a combination of the DELAY and HALL effects.
CHR/FLG+DELAY  is a combination of the CHORUS/FLANGER and Delay effects.

PITCH SHIFT  adds another signal to the original signal, below or above the original pitch.

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