Feedback Eliminators

High Performance Feedback Eliminator
The DFP225 is a Professional Digital Feedback Eliminator performing a Feedback detection based on the Dynamic Band Scanning and High Precision Notch Filters Automatic placement for high end “Musical” applications, or a feedback Elimination based on a precise frequency shift of the over all band, for high end “Vocal” applications.
The DFP225 is a powerful digital feedback detection device that can be used in dual channel, stereo or mono mode.It also has been carefully designed to protect audio events from feedback problems that can occur between loudspeakers and open microphones.

Notch Filter Mode: the system can be set up for automatic detection, or be configured manually and according to user settings. The feedback system analyzes all frequencies in the signal path, determines the cause of the Larsen effect and cancels it by implementing up to 25 real-time high precision notch filters that have -45dB attenuation. The system is adjustable in steps, al lowing the user to change the DFP225 sensitivity to audio feedback according to your situation requirements. The parameter settings of the 25 notch filters per channel remain in EEprom memory, but if it is required to keep them as a setting for future reference they must be saved in a user memory preset.

Frequency Shift Mode: in this mode, the input signal is frequency shifted in order to avoid the sequent “gain arise on Air ”, after the loudspeakers, due to sum of equal bands.This method is AVOIDING the feebdack to occur, instead of “removing it” after occurred. Due to the “Frequency modification” introduced by the method, alterating the original tone of the full signalband, it is suggested to be used for Vocal applications, but even very good also for musical ones, being the frequency shift actually pretty small, ranging from 1 up to 4.5Hz , and distributed proportionally on the overall band, so not modifying the original ratio between the harmonics. The frequency shift amount can be selected by the user with continuity through the avai lable Freq. Shift Control.

The DFP225 offers 20 available memories, with 4 factory and 16 user memory presets.
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