When expertise and competitiveness are needed, large and small companies turn to Seed for assistance with product development. With more than 15 years experience in ODM, developing application specific amplifiers, digital processors, and custom accessories, we will help cut production costs, reduce overheads, and shorten time to market allowing companies to spend more time and energy conceiving and marketing your products.

Seed can assist in design, product development, research & development and integration of new technologies:
  • Electronics, Software Engineering and Design.
    • Digital amplifiers, analog amplifiers and switch mode power supplies
    • Digital signal processors and control systems
    • Internet enabled host processors with Ethernet, USB, RS485 interface, local network,
  • Design Implementation
    • Process control procedures and development of master control plans
    • Production line, fixture and equipment design and setup
Please feel to contact Seed to discuss your next project at info@seed-digital.com.cn

A Seed professional project manager will contact you to create the roadmap for your successful product development and introduction.
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