Seed offers a complete set of professional audio solutions for OEM’s. Our development team is unmatched in this field, having brought more than fifty designs to the market over the past ten years. This experience has enabled them to create the solution range with a perfect blend of performance, ease of use, reliability, and commercial viability. Extensive branding options support the OEM’s look and feel. Seed is now successfully established in the market place with thousands of units in daily use. Our OEM customers have enjoyed commercial success and continue looking at Seed as their trusted provider, rendering us proud to be a market leader in this field.

Subject to minimum batch quantities, OEM clients can choose to have the unit finished in own choice of paint color, own silk-screen layout and colors and own logo. Each device is branded for the OEM customer so that the PC management software displays the model name of your choice, with your preferred panel color scheme etc.
For OEM projects please contact info@seed-digital.com.cn
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