Products / Audio Management System

P Series
The P series consists of affordable and cost effective speaker processor models, maintaining a good compromise in terms of sonic performance and reliability.
A Series
The A series is a professional-level system processor, which provides all necessary processing and control for online and installed applications, and can meet the needs of fixed installation and on-site output.
4IN 8OUT Series
The 4IN8OUT series is the flagship of Marani’s technology, offering uncompromising processing power and control.
FIR Speaker Management System
The LPP series is an improvement on the base of the high end DPA A series, which maintains the same outstanding Sound Quality, and is more powerful in terms of DSP processes and adds an astonishing FIR filtering tool set.
FIR Flagship Speaker Management System
4 in 8 out flagship FIR system processor
It not only retains the excellent sound quality of the LPP-A series, but also improves the performance of DSP processing, adds a set of powerful FIR filter tools, and adds Dante™ input.
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