News /Announcement of New Logo

Dear Valued customers, dealers, distributors and partners:
We, SEED Guangzhou Electronic LTD., highly appreciate the support for all those years.
Today we are glad to announce that we have launched the new corporate logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our brand MARANI®. This new logo change is valid since 1st of Jan, 2018.



This change of logo is not only about the graphic design, it also represents the future direction and growth of the MARANI® brand, which has been paying attention to Reliability, Innovation, and Profession since its birth.
The new icon depicts that the MARANI® team has started from the base, progressed to the top side of the industry step by step. We remain the red color of previous logo as we never forgot our long history and milestones we have hit in the past. We will develop and launch more and more Pro Audio products with the cutting-edge technology and supreme reliability in the future.
Task in the coming months is to update gradually our new logo on our products as well as all the marketing collaterals, product brochure, website pages etc. Regarding this progress, we will keep you up to date.
If you have used our previous logo on any of your internal or external communications, please kindly update them with this new logo.
For any question, please kindly contact us.

SEED Guangzhou Electronic LTD.
1st, Feb, 2018
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