News /Introducing MDA series Power amplifiers

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of stadiums, arenas, performance venues, worship spaces, and convention centers, MARANI is delighted to announce the introduction of its MDA Series Class D power amplifiers.
MDA amplifiers are designed to combine efficiency, performance and reliability, all packed into affordable lightweight 2U-rack units. The amplifiers are offered in two, four or eight-channel versions in addition to the Ethernet control, and the onboard DSP to meet the many and varied requirements of fixed installation and live sound applications. Marani’s approach to Class D amplification gives the amplifiers high output power, up to 5000W over two channels for the most powerful model, and the expected high sound quality. Additional features include multiple independent power supplies for increased channel separation and reliability. The output stages use the well-known Class D - full Bandwidth PWM modulator obtaining ultra low distortion, high efficiency and also equipped with a full set of circuit protections. Each amplifier is also a capable and sophisticated loudspeaker processor, thanks to its powerful DSP Engine (48 or 96kHz sampling rate) and high quality 24 Bit AD/DA Converters. It includes crossover filters, parametric EQs, and dynamic processing alignment delay, everything needed to optimize a loudspeaker system. Each device supports a full matrix mixing mode where inputs may be routed/mixed in any ratio to any output. All setup parameters for input mixing, DSP features and limiter settings are accessible on the front panel, through Lcd backlight display or the fully manageable remote PC software.
“MDA series has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of our customers” explains Michele Marani, Managing Director. “Our customers were continuously asking us to integrate our well-known and proven DSP algorithms in high performance amplifiers. For this reason we have designed the MDA series that includes high output power, efficiency and advanced DSP processing, all packed into professional integrated devices".
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