News /MARANI FIR Processors won the PEGASUS

28th of Feb, 2017, the prestigious journal of Audio-Video Industry - WORLD SHOW - holds a ceremony in Guangzhou Poly Exhibition Hall, where MARANI’s latest release FIR Processors (LPP Series) won the PEGASUS.

The FIR processor - LPP Series - launched by MARANI, is targeted to provide customers products with better performance and quality. Equipped with Analog or AES3 input, there’s also DANTE™ optional. Aside from the IIR crossover processing, FIR is supported as well as the phase correction FIR, whose taps is up to 1024. For the FIR section, target EQ is used to set as users’ preference while maintaining the performance.  Users can also import the FIR coefficients from the external application as .txt or .csv format into the software, making operation more convenient. 

The original purpose to design this model occurs to a gathering of Mr MARANI and his friends, where every talking about the current FIR processors are difficult to operate without an embedded testing tool, and the external application needs users to purchase. Therefore, Mr MARANI determined to develop a model, including an integrated FIR test tool “WIZARD” in its software, meanwhile improving the hardware reliability and performance. This is the LPP series, whose price is more adorable for common users. With its convenient and integrated software, even without experience, users can get familiar to FIR configuration and operation in a short time. Moreover, this model is compatible with application like REPHASE, WAVE CAPTURE and FIR MAKER, making professional users can have a high performance FIR processor solution with a good price.

MARANI has been work on the DSP processing for decades, devote to optimize product performance and user experience while creating many inspiring products. The FIR processors, LPP Series, reflects rich experience in DSP processing from MARANI. This is also a milestone for MARANI to break the wall of FIR technology which was expensive and difficult to use.
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