News /MARANI targets India with Sonotone

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INDIA: Sonotone Electronics has been named as MARANI Pro Audio’s new distributor in India.MARANI is looking to develop its brand within the region and joins the likes of P.Audio, Dynatech, Mackie and JTS in the Sonotone inventory.

‘We are very pleased to partner with Sonotone,’ stated Michele Marani, general manager and founder of MARANI Pro Audio. ‘It is not often that you find an established and dynamic company with such a highly competent pre and post sales service department. The experience and prestige of the company is a great asset for our ambitious development plan.’

Karan Nagpal, director of Sonotone, also expressed enthusiasm at the recent move. ‘We are proud to partner with Marani Pro Audio, and it is heartening that they have entrusted us with the responsibility of taking their brand forward in the Indian market. The inclusion of MARANI Pro Audio to our portfolio strengthens the overall value proposition that we offer to our vast network of clients and partners. We’re excited about the growth that lies ahead.’

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