Marani Wall Panel
The CP4 Wall Panel is designed to be able to remote control the Marani DPA880T and DPA880AMT via the RS485. The panel is designed using a standard Clipsal 2000 plate however the mounting has to be adjusted because of the circuit board located on the rear of the panel.

The CP4 recalls up to 4 assigned presets that thave been programmed and store. The selected preset LED light will flash until the preset is loaded within the DPA880T and DPA880AMT and then stay illuminated.

A master volume control increases and decreases the master volume. The volume maste control ramps up and down by either holding the button or by presses. The LED will aluminate while the button is pressed. The volume ramps slowly at 1dB increments so quick changes are not possible by mistake.

A Key Switch enables you to lock the panel once the preset and volume have been assigned.
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