Feedback Eliminators

Professional Feedback Eliminator
DFP212 is a feedback detection DFP-212 device that can be used in dual channel or mono mode. The feedback system analyzes all frequencies in the signal path, determines the cause of the Larsen effect and cancels it by implementing the 12 real-time high precision notch filters that have - 45dB attenuation. The system is adjustable in 15 steps, allowing the user to change the DFP-212 sensitivity to audio feedback according to your situation requirements. The parameter settings of the 12 notch filters per channel remain in RAM memory, but if it is required to keep them as a setting for future reference they must be saved in a user memory preset. If you switch off the DFP-212 before saving any changed settings to a memory, these will be lost and on power up the unit will default to the last saved memory settings.

The DFP212 features 20 memories available with 4 factory presets and 16 user memory presets. The unit has a bypass system that has been designed within the analog domain and the DFP-212 can be connected via MIDI as well as USB for external control and two way movements of data.
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