Graphic Parametric Equalizer
DGP215 is a two-channel Graphic Parametric Equalizer that has 15 filters per channel and the possibility to perform as a stereo, or independent channel unit. The filters are symmetrical in design with High and Low pass filters included. This product has been designed to be simple to use, having a central rotary encoder that allows easy navigation through the menus displayed on the 2x20 LCD alphanumeric display.

The DGP215 has been arranged with 32 recall memories built into the software,with 16 factory loaded standard user presets and 16 user memories. The DGP215 therefore allows for a quick standard set up,or for the user to configure and save a new set of parameters for a particular sound job. Managing recall and save can be handled by number,or name that has been designated to it.

The DGP215 can be connected via MIDI as well as USB for external control.
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