Professional Parametric Equalizer
DGP231A is a Professional Digital Parametric/Graphic 31 bands Stereo Equalizer performing a High Precision set of 31 Parameters Shelving filters per channel. The DGP231A is a powerful professional Equalizer, providing also Hp/Lp filters up to 24dB/Oct, Delay and RMS Limiter, for improving the sound defition possibilites.

The DGP231A has 32 presets available. It provides the following basic processes:
2x31 Band Parametric Bell OR Lo/Hi-Shelving filters, each filter can be singularly selected as Bell OR Shelving.
Hp/Lp Filters up to 24dB/Oct each channel.
RMS Limiter each channel.
Independent Channel Gain, Phase Control, Delay and Mute each Output channel.
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