Dante Ultimo Board

DUSE-4 and DUDE-4 Dante Ultimo boards are ready-to-use solution for high performance digital audio networking equipments, that meets the quality requirements of today professional audio systems.


It is based on the Dante UltimoTM microcontroller and supports up to 4 low-latency bi-directional audio channels at up to 96kHz sampling rate.

DUSE-4 and DUDE-4 differ in Ethernet configuration:


- DUSE-4: It is a Single type Ethernet Dante Ultimo board, for a cost effective Dante networking solution using a 100Mbps ethernet interface


- DUDE-4: It is a Dual Ethernet type Dante Ultimo board, using a fast 1Gbps ethernet switch with two ethernet ports, that allows daisy-chaining audio devices witou while preserving low latency requirements for live audio systems.


The board integrates a set of high-quality sample rate converters, that allow to connect audio systems running at different sampling rates. Moreover, an high-quality low-jitter clock generation circuit provides a sample accurate synchronization between networked devices.


The board can be easily connected to the DSP audio subsystem by a standard I2S interface. 

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