MDA Series

MDA-KDM Series
4 Options Available
MDA-KDM series is a high-performance and high-power touring grade digital power amplifier series, which has a maximum RMS total power output of 4x2200W and 2x4000W under a 4 Ω load, and supports 2.7 Ω ultra-low impedance output, allowing users to have more usage scenarios. Built in MARANI digital processor with 4 inputs and 4 outputs, and 2 inputs and 2 outputs, equipped with various linear filters. The 4.3-inch high-definition capacitive touch screen management system can monitor the real-time operation data of the power amplifier.(4 different models with different channels and power: MDA4-4KDM, MDA4-6KDM, MDA2-8KDM, MDA4-10KDM)
The MDA-KDM series features a powerful Marani ® DSP, including 4 in 4 out and 2 in 2 out processing channels, both DSP and AD/DA operate at a sampling rate of 96KHz. The complete processing functions provide a diversified solution for speaker systems. Equipped with automatic switching function for signal hot backup, with 3 layers of priority for easy backup of input sources. From the input gain/delay/noise gate/EQ/compression/FIR to the output gain/delay/polarity/X-OVER/FIR/EQ/compression/limit/output calibration, there are up to 17 filter types to choose from. The output X-OVER filters include the classic Linquez Raleigh/Bell/Butterworth, as well as the MARANI brand's unique NXF horn shaped frequency division filter with built-in FIR filter, The newly added MIR linear phase filter can make the phase of the X-OVER point more easily joined while maintaining a very low delay. The brand new output calibration function can achieve more accurate playback effects, and all the functions provided by MARANI are aimed at helping you better restore sound.
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