MDA Series

4-Channel DSP Power Amplifier(4 x 1300 W@8Ω)
MDA 4-7000DM is a high-performance and high-power touring-grade digital power amplifier. It has a total power output of 4x1300W under a 4-channel 8Ω load. Built-in powerful digital processor with 4 inputs and 4 outputs. The 4.3-inch high-definition touch screen clearly displays the system status, and the sufficient power is equipped with a powerful built-in DSP to enable this power amplifier to take into account both the fixed installation and the mobile performance market.
MDA4-7000DM adopts powerful Marani DSP, including 4 input and 4 output processing channels. Both DSP and AD/DA run at 96KHz sampling rate. The complete processing function provides a complete crossover solution for the speaker. With signal hot backup automatic switching function, 3 levels of priority can easily back up the input source.
From input gain/delay/noise gate/EQ/compression
/FIR /to output gain/delay/polarity/X-over/FIR/EQ/RMS compressor/Peak limiter, PEQ has up to 17 filter types to choose from, The output crossover filter includes the classic Linkwitz-Riley/Bessel/Butterworth, and the MARANI brand unique NXF(Northed X-over Filter), built-in FIR filter, and newly added MIR linear phase filter can make the phase of the crossover point easier to join while maintaining a very low delay. All the functions we provide are designed to help you better restore the sound.
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