MIR-E Series

MIR-E Series
MIR Audio Processor
MIR-E series is a more cost-effective Audio processor newly created by MARANI Pro Audio for market demand.It has the basic performance comparable to MIR-A series, excellent background noise as low as -91dBu, combined with high dynamic range and powerful internal DSP calculation.So that it can cover a wider range of audio usage scenarios.  The series comes in four models:MIR260E(2 in 6 out)、MIR360E(3 in 6 out)、MIR440E(4 in 4 out)、MIR480E(4 in 8 out0.)
In addition to conventional audio processing, MIR-E series is also equipped with MIR (Marani Impulse Response) linear phase frequency division filter.MIR has the filter shape of traditional IIR filter (Linkwitz-Riley 24+48/oct), but does not generate any phase shift.The resulting delay is about 50% of the FIR filter, which makes split-point phases easier to engage, and produces lower delay. Everything MARANI offers is for a better sound.
The design of dual RMS compressors can provide a better protection mechanism for the sound amplification system while using RMS compressors to control signal dynamics or shape sound intensity.
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