MIR Flagship (FI Series)

Flagship MIR 4 IN 8 OUT Audio System Processor
MIR480I uses powerful MARANI DSP in signal processing. DSP and AD/DA converter both run at 96KHz sampling rate. Complete processing functions provide a complete speaker crossover solution.
From the input gain/delay/noise gate /EQ/ compression /FIR to the output gain/delay/polarity/
crossover/FIR/EQ/ compression/peak limiter, the parametric equalizer (PEQ) has up to 16 filter types to choose from. The output crossover filter has the classic Ringquitzrelli/Bessel/Butterworth, The NXF(Notched X-over Filter) and FIR filter with slope up to 120dB per octave are also available. The new MIR linear phase crossover filter makes it easier to engage the phase of the crossover point and produces lower latency. Everything we offer is for better sound.
With the addition of DSP plug-in, traditional processor architecture is usually fixed and unadjustable. Marani innovatively introduces the concept of plug-in, and uses powerful co-processor to complete dynamic processing that traditional processor is difficult to complete, such as dynamic balancing, linear phase multi-segment compression, feedback suppression and other functions. This feature is an open architecture, and the type and number of plug-ins will be updated from time to time.
The new design of Hard Limiter allows constant rate limiting of signals exceeding the threshold at any threshold, better protecting the speaker unit.
Each input/output channel provides a filter with a maximum of 512 tap FIR. You can use the built-in AutoEQ plus an external ASIO sound card to measure pulse and generate FIR coefficient or use third-party software to generate FIR coefficient as you need. For speaker preset, phase response can be improved and directivity can be controlled as required.
The new MIR linear phase crossover has the type and shape of the traditional IIR filter, but does not produce any phase distortion, and the delay generated is about 50% of the FIR filter.
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