FIR Amplifiers Module

2 Channel FIR Power Amplifier(2x500W@4Ω)

PDA500PF is a complete solution dedicated to 1-way or 2-way self-powered loudspeakers. Designed to meet different applications, it provides 2 channels with output power of 2x500W@4 Ohm or 2x250W@8 Ohm. In addition it offers a full set of added value features such as on board DSP and RS485 connection for monitoring and control via dedicated PC software. To guarantee maximum reliability, the PDA500PF includes a highly efficient universal switch mode power supply with PFC (Power Factor Correction) which provides a total 1kW power to the 2 output channels. The 2 output stages use Class D module. The PDA500PF includes a set of sophisticated processes for loudspeaker, implemented by the powerful MARANI® DSP running 48kHz/24bit [96 bits precision for the internal intermediate processes] and high performance 24bit AD/DA Converters. Processes as Noise Gate, up to 512 taps FIR filters OR up to 48dB/Oct IIR Hp/Lp filters for X-over, parametric EQs per input and output sections, RMS compressor, alignment delay are available, all in all everything needed to optimize a self-powered loudspeaker. Moreover the Clip/Limiter function per channel provides output monitoring to prevent speaker damage with gentle gain reduction at clip threshold, in addition to the efficient heat dissipation system and Over-Heat protection which themselves ensure a reliability without compromises. Furthermore the PDA500PF is also equipped with a Dynamic Loudness function and an useful Pink/White noise generator. All setup parameters for input mixing, DSP features and the limiter setting are accessible by using the remote PC software.


A Powerful 512taps FIR is available for the System Phase Correction, based on System Response measurement. 

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