USB Drivers

USB Drivers Download
Various versions of USB Drivers
PC software running requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 environment : Download
Win XP/win 7 needs to be installed
in8/win10 includes Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, No need to Install

CH341SER-USB Driver :  Download
Applicable Models:
Audio Processor :  DPA-A/QRT Series  LPP-A Series
DPA240P   DPA260P   DPA260RTA   DPA880T/AMT
KD1550P  DFP212  DGP215  DGP231A
Power Amplifier : MDA3-100M  MDA3-700M
Amplifier Module: PDA330I  PSP2SA1  SP2SA2
RS485: USB-485-RJ45 USB-485-XLR

STM32 USB Driver : Download
Applicable Models:
MIR-A & FI Series    LPP-480F   DPA480P
MDA Series Touch Screen Amplifier   MDA2-140PAF

WinXP/7 needs to install STM32 virtual serial port driver
Win8/10 automatically recognizes the installation driver by default.
f it cannot be installed automatically/installation error, then choose manual installation.
It is recommended to use the default driver for win8/10
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