Company Profile

The SEED began as SEED srl, based in Tuscany, Italy. It was founded by Managing Director Michele Marani a specialist developer of custom DSP applications, in 1996. Today the company has evolved into a global business with a strong R&D team composed on highly qualified engineers located in Italy and China.
 Currently Seed Asia Ltd owns an internationally registered Trade Mark for its own Audio Products ”MARANI” and it develops and produces all Marani Brand products related to the professional audio market. Thanks to SEED's highly qualified team,  it also produces original design manufacturer (ODM),  for international clients supporting them from concept to finish product. 
Product sectors include: and above all innovative audio processing, focusing on HD recording, karaoke effects, guitar and amp modeling algorithms, speech intelligibility and acoustic feedback processors, professional equalizers, compressors and general effects. SEED has become a leader for electronic and product part sourcing, allowing purchasing and manufacture to be flexible in volume, with high quality control and ensuring excellent prices.


Seed Srl, based in Tuscany (Italy), was founded by Managing Director Michele Marani, a specialist developer of custom DSP applications.
Seed focused its attention on developing and producing  digital signal processing systems primarily on audio sector thanks to the vast experience of its owners, Michele Marani e Massimo Liggio.
Seed Srl becomes official Consulting Center for Texas Instruments Europe on DSP applications
Seed Srl developed efficient DSP Algorithms for noise reduction canceling techniques used by well-known companies such us: Whirlpool for domestic purposes, Pininfarina for Fan Noise Reduction in the "Wind Tunnel", Ferrari for active noise reduction in the F50 cockpit
Seed Srl developed Audio processing products for very important  and well-known Italian and European brand manufactures involved in audio professional and musical instrument markets.
Seed Develops and designs professional products related to the Broadcast sector.
SEED Srl developed Audio digital systems for international customers and supervised the production and the Quality Control at their manufacturer in China.
Michele Marani spent a long time in China, personally supervising the pre-production manufacture of the devices designed by him for the customers manufacturing in China.
Michele Marani founded  SEED Asia Ltd in Hong Kong  with representative office in Guangzhou (China) in 2004
SEED Asia Ltd is a fully foreign investment company and 100% owned by Marani
SEED Srl provided customers with the 'design' and SEED Asia Ltd provided manufacturing support in China
During the first 3 years, SEED Asia Ltd  supplied several foreign and Italian companies, arranging products manufacturing in China
In the meanwhile, in order to increase production, SEED Asia Ltd grew in terms of personnel and infrastructure
SEED Asia structured a Chinese R&D team for designing their own products as well as for the ODM market.
SEED Electronic Guangzhou LTD. was founded by Marani SEED Asia Ltd.  It is a fully foreign investment company registered as a Chinese company and located in Guangzhou. SEED Electronic Guangzhou take care of the Design, Development and Manufacturing of the Products in China. In the meanwhile Marani SEED Asia Ltd remain the controlling company of the financial activity.
Currently Seed Asia Ltd own an internationally registered Trade Mark "MARANI" for its own Audio Products.
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