Service & Warranty

Seed Service
All MARANI products are built to the highest standards and should provide reliable performance for many years, subject to reasonable care, use, transportation and storage. However, as with any electrical or mechanical device, inadvertent operator error or operation under unusually extreme conditions can result in component failures. Should your MARANI Product malfunction or exhibit a fault, SEED service are committed to providing the assistance you need to get your MARANI product to work as fast possible and with minimal cost and effort for you.
*However many of the products returned under warranty are found not to exhibit any fault at all.  To avoid unnecessary inconvenience to you in terms of retuning the product 
Should your MARANI product still not work properly it should be return to the distributor or dealer where purchased from. The unit will be returned when repaired.
Please include all basic information available: Warranty card, product type and model number, serial number and a description of the defect and symptoms.

Warranty Statement
All MARANI products are manufactured by SEED Electronic Guangzhou LTD and are warranted to be free from defects in components and factory workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one years from the date of original purchase from an authorized SEED dealer or distributor.
Warranty exclusion: SEED's warranty shall not cover malfunctions or failures due to misuse, abuse, repair work or alteration by non-authorized personnel, incorrect connections, exposure to harsh weather conditions, mechanical damages including shipping accidents and exposure to inclement weather conditions and normal wear and tear.

When failing to perform as specified during the warranty period we will undertake to repair, or at our option, replace this product at no charge to its owner, provided the unit is returned undamaged and shipping prepaid, to an authorized service facility or to the factory.
This limited warranty is exclusive, and offered solely to products purchased from an Authorized SEED Reseller (defined as a reseller which has purchased the product directly from SEED Guangzhou Electronic LTD, or one of its Authorized Distributors).
Please contact your supplier for specific regional information, as rights and disclaimers may vary from country to country.

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